It was the 1969 when Giulio Fabi founded the knitwear company Raipan, proposing a unique product due to its quality and refinement, since the start.

Today, after 50 years, our company symbolizes reliability and prestige thanks to the union of tradition with the innovative figures of Cristina and Francesco Fabi,  daughter and son of the founder.

Raipan faces the italian and international market through a technological approach, also keeping a strong bond with the past.

Raipan’s philosophy has its roots in a rich generational knowledge, tradition and scientifical research.

The passion that brings together all of us, permits the creation of unique and high quality clothes, no detail is left to chance.

Here in Raipan we transform ideas in reality.

Our product is 100% made in Italy: the entire supply chain, from the raw material to the final processing, is located in the italian territory.

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